Unity Student

访问专业人士用于创建跨行业沉浸式体验的实时 3D 开发平台和工作流程。
资格要求:就读于官方认可的教育机构、已达法定成人年龄(例如,美国为 13 岁,欧盟为 16 岁)并且同意收集和处理其个人信息的学生。必须加入 GitHub Student Developer Pack 进行验证。

培养进入 AR/VR、游戏等领域所需的技能

Learn how to create interactive experiences with the same 3D software and workflows professionals use on the job in industries like gaming, architecture, engineering, automotive, and film and television.

高级 Cloud Diagnostics
Student Asset Pack



Student Asset Pack


Unity Student 包括五个 Unity Teams Advanced 席位,让你可以通过项目协作和历史记录、云存储、自动云构建、与项目常用工具集成、构建通知等功能,更轻松地协作完成学校项目。



Unity 是全球领先的实时 3D 开发平台,让专业人士可以在业内最广泛的平台上创建、运营精彩的游戏和体验并实现盈利。一次构建,随地部署,吸引玩家。


Unity Student 常见问题解答

Sign up for the Unity Student plan above. 

  1. You will be prompted to create, or log in to, your Unity ID and GitHub account.
  2. Apply for the GitHub Student Developer Pack, which requires proof of enrollment in an accredited institution.
  3. Once you’re verified through GitHub, sign in  to the Unity Student plan here to get started.  

You can log in to Unity and access your Student plan from any computer, including at school. Note: If your school uses the Educational Grant License, you may not be prompted to log in to the Unity Hub or the Editor. In this case, you can still use your Unity Student ID to separately log in to Learn Premium and the Asset Store.

The Unity Student plan is available for free to individual students and cannot be purchased. Learn about the free Educational Grant License for your institution’s classroom needs.

Your friends and classmates are welcome to sign up for their own free Unity Student plan.The Unity Student plan also comes with five seats of Unity Teams that allow you share a project with collaborators.

In your GitHub account settings, visit Applications > Authorized OAuth Apps to check whether you have authorized the Unity OAuth app. If you granted this application access to your GitHub account, you should hear back from GitHub as soon as they have verified your student status.

您现有的 Unity Pro 或 Unity Plus 订阅不会自动取消。如果您已经购买或有权访问这种订阅,请联系客户支持,以便他们取消您以前的订阅并授予您新的免费 Unity Student 计划。

当您激活 Unity Student 计划后,将收到一封电子邮件,其中包含唯一的优惠券代码和获取您的 Student Asset Pack 的说明。

Yes. Sign up for the Unity Student plan with your Unity ID. Once verified through GitHub, activate your new license through your Preferences in the Unity Hub using the license key you will receive by email.

Unity Student is for individual students to create, learn, and share their Unity projects at home, school, or elsewhere. The Educational Grant License is used by educators at academic institutions to teach Unity in the classroom.

Troubleshoot any GitHub verification related issues here, or contact GitHub directly.

成功注册 Unity Student 计划后,您可以使用该计划 1 年。1 年后,只要您仍是学生并且是 GitHub Student Developer Pack 的活跃成员,就可以续订 Unity Student 计划。

You can only associate one Unity ID with your Unity Student plan. If you need to change the email address associated with your Unity ID, please follow these instructions.

Follow these steps to learn how to setup and access your Unity Teams Advanced benefits.


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