Unity Personal 个人版

Start creating today with the free version of Unity.
Eligibility: Unity Personal is for individuals, hobbyists, and small organizations with less than $100K of revenue or funds raised in the last 12 months.

Unleash your creativity

Unity is the world’s leading real-time 3D development platform, offering what you need to create, operate and monetize amazing games and experiences across the widest range of platforms in the industry. Build once, deploy anywhere, captivate everyone.

Helpful resources

Unity Learn

Get free resources to learn how to create amazing content and experiences with Unity. Beginner and intermediate tutorials, extensive documentation, and other helpful resources will get you started making your first games and immersive applications.

Unity Asset Store

You don’t have to do it all yourself. Speed up your project and boost your productivity with help from thousands of high-quality, ready-made assets and production tools that are free or affordably priced.

Find knowledge and inspiration


Become part of one of the largest and most passionate groups of creators in the world. Find the answers and information you need, participate in forum discussions, share your ideas and feedback, and more. You can even vote on the bug you want fixed the most.

Get connected

Unity Connect is the free network dedicated to the global community of Unity users. Network with other creators, showcase your portfolio, post and find jobs, participate in discussion channels, find events like free monthly online user groups, and more.

Business plans

If your revenue or funds raised in connection with your use of Unity are more than $100K in the last 12 months, choose one of our subscription plans.

Level up with Unity Plus
Eligibility: Revenue or funding <$200K
For serious hobbyists and small businesses, Unity Plus offers more capabilities and resources to accelerate your projects.
Professionals choose Unity Pro
Eligibility: No limits on revenue or funding
Unity Pro provides professional-grade capabilities and options to help you develop better, iterate faster, and grow your business.

Not sure what to choose? Compare plans


根据我们 EULA(最终用户许可协议)协议规定,如果您的公司年收入或启动资金超过 10 万美元,您不能使用 Unity Personal 个人版进行原型设计或其他。

如果您的年收入超过 20 万美元,您可以使用Unity Plus 加强版或选择 Unity Pro 专业版不受年收入或启动资金限制。

No. Unity is royalty-free to distribute your applications. We don't charge on a per-title basis or require revenue sharing.

会的,我们会对 Unity 个人版进行持续技术更新。

是的,您拥有使用 Unity Personal 个人版所创作内容的所有权。


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