Unity Plus加强版

Small businesses and serious hobbyists get more functionality and training resources to power up their projects.
  • 订阅期至少一年,每月支付
  • 一次性支付,预付一年
Eligibility: Less than $200K of revenue or funds raised in the last 12 months
Splash screen customization
Change up your splash screen. Or completely remove it.
Pro Editor UI theme
Develop your game within our beautiful, easy‑on‑the‑eyes, dark UI environment.
Advanced Cloud Diagnostics
Gain greater visibility into what’s happening in your game with real‑time data on crashes, exceptions and user feedback.
Unity Ads广告与应用内购
Use the premier ad monetization solution for mobile games, and simplify in‑app purchase set‑up across multiple stores.
Get 25GB cloud storage
(with prepaid plan only)
Premium learning and training
Premium learning and training

Uplevel your skills

Unity Learn Premium gives creators at every stage of learning the most advanced and up-to-date resources to master real-time 3D development and build in-demand skills across industries. Included for Pro subscribers, Learn Premium offers exclusive access to live sessions with Unity Certified Instructors and a growing library of award-winning, on-demand content updated for each release.

Asset savings
Limited time promotion

Asset savings to help accelerate your projects

Plus subscribers get 20% off a selection of time-saving plugins and assets from the Unity Asset Store.

Discount valid for use through February 29, 2020.


Unleash your creativity

Unity is the world’s leading real-time 3D development platform, offering what you need to create, operate and monetize amazing games and experiences across the widest range of platforms in the industry. Build once, deploy anywhere, captivate everyone.

订阅Unity Plus加强版



有,每个会计年度,使用 Unity Plus 加强版的用户的年收入或启动资金不能超过 20 万美元。

You can prepay for a 1-year Unity Plus subscription upfront or with monthly payments. A prepaid Unity Plus plan costs $299 (approximately $25 per month), and includes extra benefits: Unity Learn Premium and 25GB of cloud storage for your projects.

If you pay in monthly installments, the cost is $35 per month, and includes a 1-year commitment period.

如果具备有效的Unity Plus加强版席位,便可自动获得以下权益:Unity Learn Premium和Unity成功顾问服务。您需要在Unity ID中激活“1年,预付费立即续订”,才能使用25GB云存储空间。

您随时可以向现有Plus加强版组织添加新的1年预付费Unity Plus加强版席位;新添加的席位将自动获得所有权益。

大部分优惠活动只适用于在线订阅。如果您是线下购买的席位,对于任何问题,请联系您的 Unity 代理。

For Unity Pro subscribers, when your commitment period ends your plan will automatically convert to a flexible month-to-month subscription. The key things to note about the flex option:

  • You pay month-to-month and can cancel your subscription at any time. However, cancellation will take effect from the following month.
  • You can add and remove seats on a flex plan without having to start a new commitment period. If you cancel your flex plan, you cannot restart it: you will have to commit to another 12 months of Pro to get the flex option again.
  • The rates for the flexible plan are the same as the 12-month commitment: $125/month.
  • If you do not wish to continue on a flex plan, you can choose expire your subscription after its commitment period. If you choose to expire your plan, your version of Unity will switch to Personal.

是的,您完全拥有使用 Unity 订阅所创作内容的所有权,即便停止订阅 Unity。


不收,Unity 不会收取任何版权费用,同时也不会针对使用 Unity 创作的作品按件收费或要求收益分成。

If you upgrade during a commitment period, you will have to commit for a new period of at least 12 months. For example, if you choose to upgrade to Unity Pro 6 months into a 12 month subscription to Plus, you will have to start a new 12-month commitment period for Pro. The prior commitment period for Plus will be removed.

Unity Learn Premium常见问题解答

使用Unity ID登录后,您可以访问Unity Learn上的所有高级内容。

Your current Unity Game Dev Courses subscription will continue through the term and then will automatically terminate. You can choose to cancel this subscription at any time, and can access Unity Game Dev Courses directly through Learn Premium for free. Note that if you cancel your existing Unity Game Dev Courses subscription before your current month is expired, you will not get refunded for the portion of the month you already paid for.

目前可通过Unity Learn Premium获取Unity游戏开发课程。使用您的Unity ID登录后,您可以直接访问Unity Learn上所有的高级内容。

Unity Plus加强版和Unity专业版订阅用户可以免费访问Unity Learn Premium。如果取消Unity Plus增强版订阅,并且未订阅Unity Pro专业版,则不能继续免费访问Unity Learn Premium。

Success Advisors 和云服务常见问题

You will receive an email from one of our Success Advisors after purchasing Unity Plus, and the email includes details on how to get in touch with a Success Advisor. If you previously  opted out of emails, you can choose to opt in.

No. Every Unity Plus Organization under 1-year, prepaid plans gets the 25GB storage, which can be used by the team members in the org.

只要您是合格订阅用户,就可以享受此优惠活动。如果您取消或终止了您的 Unity 订阅,则会同时失去此存储空间的使用权限。

符合此优惠活动资格的组织自动获得额外的存储空间 - 无需执行任何操作即可激活。

From id.unity.com, select your Organization, then, select “Service Usage” from the left menu.


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