Unity Pro

Create, operate and monetize amazing applications and immersive experiences with a complete solution for professionals across industries.
R$ 400
Annual plan, paid monthly
  • Annual plan, paid monthly
  • Annual plan, prepaid
  • 2-year plan, prepaid

Develop better, iterate faster, and grow your business

Get higher levels of technical support to help you quickly resolve the most complex issues. Option for Pro and Enterprise subscribers only.
Source code
Access and modify source code for your sophisticated requirements. Option for Pro and Enterprise subscribers only. Contact us for more information.
Advanced Cloud Diagnostics
Gain greater visibility into what’s happening in your game with real‑time data on crashes, exceptions and user feedback.
Splash screen customization
Change up your splash screen. Or completely remove it.
Pro Editor UI theme
Develop your game within our beautiful, easy‑on‑the‑eyes, dark UI environment.
Ads and In‑App Purchases
Use the premier ad monetization solution for mobile games, and simplify in‑app purchase set-up across multiple stores.
Support services
Support services

Resolve issues and increase productivity

Position your teams for success with direct, prioritized support. Priority access to dedicated Success Advisors helps you find key resources and get the most from your subscription, and priority Customer Service helps get you fast answers to account and billing inquiries.

Premium learning and training
Premium learning and training

Uplevel your skills

Unity Learn Premium gives creators at every stage of learning the most advanced and up-to-date resources to master real-time 3D development and build in-demand skills across industries. Included for Pro subscribers, Learn Premium offers exclusive access to live sessions with Unity Certified Instructors and a growing library of award-winning, on-demand content updated for each release.

Asset savings
Limited time promotion

Asset savings to help accelerate your projects

Pro subscribers get 20% off a selection of time-saving plugins and assets from the Unity Asset Store.

Discount valid for use through February 29, 2020.

AAA art package
AAA art package

High-end content

Pro subscribers get a comprehensive, high-fidelity art package created by top-talent industry icons, free. Buried Memories: Yggdrasil retails for $249 on the Asset Store.


Create together, faster

Unity Pro includes three seats of Unity Teams Advanced per organization, which enables faster teamwork with features such as project collaboration and history, cloud storage, automatic cloud builds, and integrations with popular collaboration tools for project and build notifications.


Keep making your games better

Integrated Live-Ops Analytics give you real-time gameplay data and insights to help keep your players more engaged and help you maximize monetization revenue. Analyze player behavior and take actions right away to tweak gameplay experiences for better results.


Incredible possibilities for all industries and applications

Unity is the world’s leading real-time 3D development platform, offering what you need to create, operate and monetize amazing games and experiences across the widest range of platforms in the industry. Build once, deploy anywhere, captivate everyone.





不会,Unity 不会收取任何版权费用,同时也不会针对使用 Unity 创作的作品按件收费或要求收益分成。

如果您想购买高级支持和/或访问源码,请联系当地的 Unity 代理。

  • 如果您是 Unity Pro 专业版的新订阅用户,则会在订单确认邮件中收到用于下载明星项目资源的兑换码,此活动将与 2019 年 3 月 31 日截止。
  • 如果您遇到问题,请提交客户服务申请与我们联系。

您将完全拥有使用 Unity 订阅所创作内容的所有权,即便停止订阅 Unity。

如果具备有效的Unity Pro专业版席位,便可自动获得以下权益:Unity成功顾问服务、专家现场会议、游戏服务器托管(2019年初推出)以及客户服务优先排队。为了访问Unity Teams Advanced,您需要在Unity ID中激活“立即续订"”。

您随时可以为您的现有Pro专业版组织添加新的Unity Pro专业版席位,新添加的席位将自动获得所有权益。

大部分优势只适用于在线订阅。如果您是线下购买的席位,对于任何问题,请联系您的 Unity 代理。

对于 Unity Pro 专业版用户,合约有效期结束后,您的订阅将自动转换为按月支付的订阅模式。关于这一灵活模式的注意事项:


  • 续订采用按月支付的模式,您可以随时取消订阅。但取消订阅的时间会从下个月开始生效。
  • 您可以灵活管理许可证席位,无需重新订阅。如果取消按月支付的订阅,您将不能延续该订阅,而必须重新订阅合约期至少为 1 年的 Unity Pro 专业版,才能再次使用按月支付的模式。
  • 合约期为 1 年的的按月支付模式与一次性付款价格相同:均为 125 美元/月。
  • 如果您不愿继续按月支付,可以选择在合约期满后停止订阅。但是停止订阅后,Unity 版本将变为 Unity Personal 个人版。

如果您或贵公司是通过 Unity Account Manager购买的Pro专业版席位,请直接联系他们确定您的帐户是否有资格参加该福利计划。


After you have completed your purchase (and are eligible to receive Advanced Teams for free) you will receive an email, within a week of your purchase, with the voucher code to claim Teams Advanced. When you receive the voucher code, log into your Unity ID and click on “Redeem a product code” under “My Account.” Enter the voucher code in the field and click the button “Redeem a product code.”

Yes. You must redeem the Teams Advanced voucher code and download it within 30 days of purchase.


Unity Learn Premium常见问题解答

You will have access to all Premium content on Unity Learn when you sign in with your Unity ID.

Unity Plus加强版和Unity专业版订阅用户可以在订阅服务有效期内免费访问Unity Learn Premium。如果取消订阅,则不能继续免费访问Unity Learn Premium。如果从Plus加强版升级到Pro专业版,将保留访问Learn Premium的权限,因为其包含在两种许可证中。

目前可通过Unity Learn Premium参加Unity游戏开发课程。

您当前的Unity游戏开发课程订阅服务将继续有效,期满后便会自动终止。您可以选择随时取消此订阅,并且可以直接从Learn Premium免费访问Unity游戏开发课程。


购买 Unity Pro 后,您将收到我们 Success Advisors 发送给您的邮件,其中包含如何与 Success Advisors 联系的详细信息。如果您之前选择不接收电子邮件,请点击此处重新选择。

高级支持和源码访问服务可供购买。如果您想购买,请联系您当地的 Unity 代理 (http://unity3d.com/sales/finder)。

For help with Licenses, ID Accounts, Organizations, Asset Store and other non-technical issues, submit a ticket. When you sign in with you Unity ID associated with a Unity Pro Organization you will automatically be in the priority queue.


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