Unity Pro专业版

  • (不含税)一次性支付,预付一年
  • (不含税)订阅期至少一年,每月支付

Professional Support & Services

Position your teams for success with direct, prioritized support.



Priority Access to Success Advisors

Access to dedicated Unity specialists and the Unity Success Hub, to help you find the resources and features you need to succeed.

Technical Support +

Unity’s Premium Support Team helps resolve technical issues quickly to minimize downtime and get you back up and running.

Integrated Success Services +

Proactive, strategic guidance and services to fuel innovation and keep your projects running smoothly. Available for purchase through a Unity sales representative.

Create 3D Games & Experiences with Unity Pro

Create together, faster. Including free access to high-end content, and ability to integrate with popular collaboration tools.

Core Unity Real-time Development Platform

Access core features to create and optimize high-end interactive games and experiences. Build once and deploy across supported platforms with Unity’s industry-leading 2D & 3D game engine for multiplatform game development. Includes continuous access to tech updates and improved performance.

Unity Visual Scripting

Visual scripting is a powerful feature available in Unity’s 3D engine. It empowers creators to develop gameplay mechanics or interaction logic using a visual, graph-based system instead of writing lines of traditional code.


Build and deploy to closed platforms such as Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation, Google Stadia, and Microsoft Xbox. An active Unity Pro subscription (or a Preferred Platform license key provided by the respective platform holder) is required for access to these specific build modules via developer platform forums.

Unity Ads广告


Integrations with Collaboration Tools

Get notified immediately when a new issue with your app is detected by setting up notifications in email, Slack, Discord, Webhook or Jira from Unity Cloud Diagnostics.

Source Code Access +

授予读取和修改访问权限的C/C++源代码许可。只能随Unity Pro和Unity Enterprise一起购买。

Build Server License Capacity +

Unity Build Server licensing solution for offloading project builds to hardware on your network. Available for purchase with your subscription.

Leverage Unity Pros Features & Insights

Gain real-time gameplay data and insights to help keep your players more engaged and maximize monetization revenue.

高级 Cloud Diagnostics

Automatically capture errors across devices, platforms, and builds. Collect user-feedback with screenshots. Prioritize issues as they are reported in real-time.

Unity 广告

The premier ad monetization solution to leverage video game advertising services and monetize your mobile games with Unity Ads’ in-app purchases and in-game advertisements.

In-App Purchase Plugin


A powerful, fast, and flexible platform

Build quickly, cooperate efficiently

Unity core platform enables rapid editing and iteration in your development cycles, with real-time previews of your work.

Create once, deploy anywhere

Build your content once and deploy across over 20 platforms, operating systems, game consoles, and AR and VR platforms.

Expand skills, track progress

Beginner or expert, professional or student, we have the resources to help you accomplish your creative goals.




是的。您完全拥有使用 Unity 所创作内容的所有权,即使您取消订阅也是如此。

不会,Unity 不会收取任何版权费用,同时也不会针对使用 Unity 创作的作品按件收费或要求收益分成。

Unity Learn 平台上的所有用户均可免费获得所有 Unity Learn Premium 内容及在线直播内容。只需前往平台,开始学习。


是的,除非您在下次计划续订日期前更改 Unity ID 中的续订设置或计划选项,您的订阅将自动以与原始订阅相同的付款频率条款进行续订。



购买 Unity Pro 后,您会收到一封来自我们的 Success Advisor 的电子邮件,其中包含具体的联系信息。如果您之前选择不接收 Unity 电子邮件,可以选择加入接收产品新闻和开发提示。您也可以通过所有 Unity Pro 订阅用户都可访问的 Unity 成功中心与您的顾问联系。

如需有关许可证、ID 帐户、组织、Asset Store 和其他非技术问题的帮助,请提交支持单。如果您使用与 Unity Pro 组织关联的 Unity ID 登录,则会自动排入优先队列。

联系 Unity 销售代表。


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