Make and share your first LEGO Microgame

Start creating your first digital game with virtual LEGO bricks in the latest addition to Unity’s Microgame series.

New users: Your journey begins here

Once you’ve installed Unity, there are simple In-Editor Tutorials to learn how to build and modify your LEGO® Microgame. You snap together virtual LEGO bricks, creating a multi-level obstacle course with features and hazards. Then add a LEGO Minifigure to bring your game to life, testing and modifying the action as needed.

Personalize your game

Personalize your game

The LEGO Microgame includes everything you need to create a unique, playable game.

Get started with
Get started with:
  • LEGO Behavior Bricks – “smart” bricks that generate actions when you connect them
  • Multiple islands for your obstacle course and a wide selection of LEGO bricks
  • LEGO Minifigures that can run, jump, and somersault
  • Trees, plants, evil gnomes, buildable fences and walls, and a working elevator
  • Pitfall capabilities such as exploding obstacles
  • Banners for winning and losing the game

Share your playable game

Show off your new skills! Once you’ve added personal touches to your LEGO Microgame and tested the action, share it with friends and family. In just a few steps, you can upload a playable browser-based version of your game available for anyone to join in the fun.


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  • Do not make more than $100k in annual gross revenues, regardless of whether Unity Personal is being used for commercial purposes, or for an internal project or prototyping.
  • Have not raised funds in excess of $100K.
  • Not currently using Unity Plus or Pro Plans.
  • Have read and acknowledged Unity’s Privacy Policy
  • Have read and acknowledged the LEGO® Microgame terms of service
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Ready to build a Unity Microgame? Get started on a laptop or personal computer.

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