Sorry sailor, this ship has sailed.

The offer you're looking for ended June 14 at 11:59pm PDT. But you can still get Unity Plus or Unity Pro today to boost your development.

NEW - Get 25GB storage. Remember, save $121 on Plus by choosing the 1 year prepaid option and entering code “PLUS299” on the checkout page.

Continuous learning to help you publish sooner

Unity Game Dev Courses

12 months free ($144 value)

There's a lot to learn, even if you're a master. Get hands-on experience building a game in the Fundamentals track (available now), then dive deeper into specialized tracks in Art, Programming and Design (available this spring/summer). Learn the skills you need to succeed like physics, character rigging, loot systems, enemy AI, prototyping, level design, and more.

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Asset Store subscriber benefit

20% off thousands of top-rated assets

Take advantage of the 20% off Asset Store benefit - only for subscribers. Save on thousands of top-rated, high-quality assets to boost your productivity and get your project to the finish line sooner.

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Gaia & GeNa

Terrain & scene generator + Advanced & intuitive spawning system ($114 value)

Create AAA quality environments in minutes with Gaia & GeNa. These 5-star artist-and-programmer-friendly tools are made to work together to allow you to create beautiful environments fast. With Gaia, you can generate terrains and scenes using a highly intuitive stamping system that allows you to easily create environments by stamping mountains, mesas, hills, lakes, rivers and more. Then use GeNa to add finishing touches to give your creations the WOW factor. Create beautiful environments and save tons of time with these impressive tools.

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Unity Success Advisor — What can they do for you?

Our dedicated Unity Success Specialists Team can help with things like:

  • Invite you to exclusive live online events hosted by Unity Engineers and Evangelists, including training sessions and live Q&A.
  • Help you find tools and resources so you can develop as efficiently and smartly as possible with Unity.
  • Introduce new contests and training to boost your creative growth.
  • Keep you updated with the newest features available with your subscription.
  • Leverage your subscription services to supplement your development.

Calculate your Triple Boost Savings

Insert the number of assets you purchase per month and let the calculator do the rest. All prices are listed in USD dollar value.

Assets per month
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20% off assets
Game Dev Courses
Gaia + GeNa
25GB Storage
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Total purchase price will vary depending on your preferred seat payment plan. Average cost per Asset is based on 12 months historical purchase data. Please, check options during check-out.

All of these now included with Unity Plus.

Triple boost your skills.

Additionally, save $121 on Unity Plus by choosing the 1-year prepaid option and entering code “PLUS299” on the checkout page.

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Are you on a professional team with two or more members?

Then check out the Triple Boost offer for Unity Pro.

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Offer Terms and Conditions

This offer is subject to the Terms and Conditions and Unity’s Terms of Service. If your company currently makes more than $200k, you are not permitted to use Unity Plus. You may use Unity Pro with an unlimited revenue capacity. Please see the Triple Boost offer for Unity Pro.

Frequently asked questions

After I purchase Unity Plus, how do I access these benefits?

Refer to the answer for each benefit in their respective FAQs section below.

Will I be subject to Unity’s Terms and Conditions?

Yes, you will be subject to the standard Unity Subscription Terms and Conditions, which includes no cancellations before your 12 month commitment period has concluded.

I’m already a subscriber but missed out on this offer. Can I get these benefits?

Existing online subscribers have access to the 20% off Asset Store benefit until February 28, 2019 or until your subscription ends, whichever comes first. However, Unity Game Dev Courses: Swords and Shovels, 25GB storage, GeNa and Gaia are only available in some cases for existing subscribers. Click here to chat with us to see if you as an existing subscriber can get Unity Game Dev Courses: Swords and Shovels access, storage, GeNa and Gaia for free.

What if I can’t use Unity Plus, is this offer eligible for Unity Pro?

If you make more than $200K USD and therefore are required to use Unity Pro, or if you simply want to use the supercharged Pro tools, then check out the Triple Boost offer for Unity Pro.

I am having problems trying to redeem this offer. Who can I contact? I’m already a Unity Plus subscriber and want to renew my seat(s). Do renewed seats qualify for this offer?

If you do an immediate renewal of a "1 year, prepaid" Plus option, you may use the voucher code PLUS299 at checkout to get savings of $121 on your Plus subscription. Click here to chat with us after doing a "1 year, prepaid" immediate renewal to get your Triple Boost goodies. IMPORTANT: "Scheduled Renewals" do not qualify for the Triple Boost goodies.

When does this limited time offer end?

This promotion ends at 12:00am PDT, June 15, 2018. Subscribe before 11:59pm PDT June 14, 2018 to get the offer.

I’m already a Unity Plus subscriber but want to add seats. Do the new seats qualify for this offer?

Yes. Any new Unity Plus seat additions qualify for this offer. If you want to take advantage of the $121 savings with code PLUS299, you must select the 1 year prepaid Plus option. 

I read that subscribers now get access to a Unity Success Advisor, what’s that?

Please refer to the Unity Plus and Unity Pro pages for info on exclusive subscriber benefits.

Can the PLUS299 offer code be combined with the Triple Boost goodies?

Please read carefully! If you purchase a "1 year, prepaid" Unity Plus subscription, you can use the voucher code PLUS299 on the checkout screen to get the savings *and* get the Triple Boost goodies. However, if you use the code for a "Scheduled Renewal" you will NOT be able to get the Triple Boost goodies. Be sure to contact us if you're looking to renew and want to redeem this offer. This offer is only valid beginning April 19, 2018. If you purchased a prepaid subscription prior to this date we cannot refund the difference.

I see this promotion changed the free asset included from Bolt to Gaia. Can I get Bolt instead?

Unfortunately, there are no substitutions available for this promotion.

Unity Game Dev Courses FAQs

How do I access the Unity Game Dev Courses?
  1. After purchasing Unity Plus, go to Unity ID “Manage Seats” section and assign the Unity Plus seat to the correct user. (Whomever you assign the Unity Plus seat to is the user who will get access to Unity Game Dev Courses: Swords and Shovels.)
  2. The assigned user will get a confirmation email from Unity (be sure to check spam folders).
  3. From the email, click the link to go to our partner Pluralsight’s website.
  4. Create a profile on Pluralsight.
  5. The user can now access the courses on the Pluralsight website.
  6. We recommend bookmarking the Pluralsight courses page for direct, easy access.
I’m already a Unity Game Dev Courses subscriber. How do I take advantage of this offer?

You can cancel your existing Unity Game Dev Courses subscription at any time and then sign up for Unity Plus to take advantage of this offer. Note that if you cancel your existing Unity Game Dev Courses subscription before your current month is expired and sign up for this promotion, you will not get refunded for the portion of the month you already paid for.

How long does it take to complete the tracks?

The Fundamentals Track focuses on core skills, providing 19 hours of video tutorials. For a motivated learner, you can estimate that for every hour of video tutorial content it will take two hours to complete the tutorials and work that goes along with them. The Art, Programming, and Design Tracks, when completed, will bring the total to nearly 80 hours of video tutorial content!

When does my free subscription end?

Your free access to the content will end when your initial Unity Plus subscription ends. Even if you renew your Unity Plus subscription at the end of the 12 month commitment period, your free access to Unity Game Dev Courses will not continue.

How many tracks are included in the Unity Game Dev Courses subscription?

All learning tracks are included. Currently there is a Fundamentals and Art track. Coming this summer is a Programming track and a Design track.

Gaia & GeNa FAQs

How do I redeem my free assets? + Troubleshooting error message

After purchasing Unity Plus, your receipt email will include your voucher code(s). You must redeem the voucher codes within 30 days of your Plus purchase. To redeem it, login to your Unity Asset Store account. Click on your Asset Store profile icon in the top right corner, then click on Redeem Voucher. Follow the instructions on screen. Click on the “My Assets” folder icon in the top right to view your assets. From there you can open your assets in Unity. IMPORTANT! If you receive an error message when trying to redeem try following these steps before contacting support: Click "Shop on Old Store" on the top right of the page and then select "My Account" and then enter a billing address. You will not be charged, but this should fix the error when you try again.

Do the voucher codes expire?

Yes, you must redeem the voucher codes and download the assets within 30 days of purchase.

If I already own either asset can I substitute it for a different asset?

Unfortunately, there are no substitutions available for this promotion.

What happens if the asset publisher updates the asset(s) after I purchase this offer, and the update is not free?

If the asset publisher updates their asset(s) and you would like to own the most updated version, you will need to purchase the upgrade on the Asset Store.

I already purchased one or both of the assets and am a Unity subscriber. Can I get a refund on my already purchased asset(s)?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds on assets in this situation.

How many copies of the free assets are included with my order?

For each Plus seat purchased, you get one (1) Gaia asset and one (1) GeNa asset.

Can I return the assets if I don’t like them?

Unfortunately, there are no returns. If you have an issue with the assets, you need to contact the publisher directly for support.

I see this promotion changed the free asset included from Bolt to Gaia, and now includes GeNa. Can I get Bolt and/or GeNa instead?

Unfortunately, there are no substitutions nor additions available for this promotion.

20% off Asset Store Subscriber Benefit FAQs

How does the 20% off promotion work?

Unity Plus or Unity Pro subscribers with an active seat assigned will receive 20% off a select list of thousands of assets from the Asset Store.

Assets are subject to publisher participation.

Simply browse the Asset Store while logged into your profile that has a Plus or Pro seat assigned to it and search for Plus/Pro assets in the search bar. The promotional discount will be automatically applied at checkout for assets that are marked with the Plus/Pro badge.

The offer is valid only to users with an active Plus or Pro seat assigned to their Unity ID. If the Plus or Pro seat subscription ends or is cancelled, the Asset Store promotional discount will also end for the user with the previously assigned seat. The promotional discount can be used through February 29, 2020.

How do I use the 20% off discount?

After purchasing your Unity subscription, assign the seat to the desired user. The user with an assigned active seat can go to the Unity Asset Store and log in using the same Unity account associated with the seat subscription. Filter for qualifying assets by clicking the “Plus/Pro” button. You will see the discounted prices on qualifying assets and the promotional discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

Do I get a bigger discount if I’m a Pro subscriber?

No, the discount percentage is 20% for both Plus and Pro subscribers.

How do I see what assets are included in the 20% off promotion?

On the Asset Store, filter for qualifying assets by clicking the “Plus/Pro” button. You will see the discounted prices on qualifying assets and the promotional discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

When does the 20% off promotion end?

Plus and Pro users will be able to take advantage of the promotional discount through February 29, 2020.

Can the 20% off promotion be combined with other promotions?

No. The 20% off discount cannot be combined with other promotions or sales. During a sale, you will receive the higher of the two discount percentages.

Is the 20% off discount available to my organization?

Only Unity Plus and Pro online subscriptions are eligible for this promotion. If you purchased your seats offline, please contact your Unity representative.

25GB free storage FAQs

How do I access my 25GB free storage?

You will be emailed a code to access the storage by July 1 which will include instructions on how to redeem the storage. The code expires 30 days after you receive it, therefore you must redeem the code within 30 days of receiving it.

Does every Unity Plus seat get 25GB storage?

No. Every Unity Plus Organization gets 25GB storage which can be used by the team members in the Org.

How can I check how much cloud storage I am using?

From, select your Organization, then, select “Service Usage” from the left-hand menu item.

How long do I get access to the storage?

You get 12 months of access from the time you redeem your code. If your Unity Subscription is canceled or terminated before 12 months are up, your storage benefit is also forfeited.

Triple boost your skills and publish sooner.

Unity Plus now gives you dedicated access to a Unity Success Advisor, and for a limited time get over $300 in FREE training and tools. Offer ends June 14, 2018.

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