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Accelerate your learning and development with additional training resources and assets included with Plus prepaid plans.

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~₩28,750per month with 1 year prepaid OR ₩40,250paid monthly

Unity Plus is available to use for individuals who have an annual revenue or have raised funds of $200k or less. Please see our terms of use. Professional teams and freelancers can choose Unity Pro, which has no revenue cap and provides advanced support and services.

Resources to learn & develop faster

More training to accelerate development

With prepaid plan only: Learn the fundamentals with 12 months of Unity Game Dev Courses ($144 value)

Included in Plus, Unity Game Dev Courses are the best way to learn game development. Start with Unity fundamentals, then continue on to dedicated Art, Design and Programming tracks. Over 85 hours of video tutorial content and growing.

  • Get the core skills you need to build a Unity game, from producing scripts, animating objects, lighting and more.
  • Learn how to work with digital content creation tools like Maya and Photoshop.
  • Go deeper into art, design, and programming.
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Finish faster with direct access to Unity Experts ($240 value)

Deepen your Unity expertise and overcome complex challenges via our Expert Live Sessions with Unity engineers.

  • One session per month that covers optimal use of key systems and toolsets.
  • Sessions include technical training and Q&A.
  • Learn directly from senior Unity engineers to help finish your project and publish sooner.

Current subscriber? Chat with us to access these benefits.

“Aside from Unity making it dead-simple to create an awesome and unique visual style, the ease of editor scripting within the engine has been a huge boon to our workflow.”

Devin Reimer, CEO at Owlchemy Labs

A helping hand

More help to save time

Get limited access to Unity Success Advisors

Our Unity Success Advisors are there to help you get maximum value from Unity’s ecosystem. They’ll help you:

  • Find diverse tools and resources to develop faster with Unity.
  • Keep you updated with the newest features available with your subscription.
  • Leverage your subscription services to supplement your development.

For growing projects

More services for growing projects

With prepaid plan only: Get 25GB Unity Cloud Storage ($60 value)

  • Store entire projects in the cloud, so they’re backed up and accessible anywhere.

Savings on high-end resources

Continuous savings on production tools

Boost productivity with 20% off top-rated assets in the Asset Store

  • Save on thousands of top-rated, high-quality assets, and get your project to the finish line sooner.
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With prepaid plan only: Ends Dec. 19! Choose one available top-rated Asset Store asset for free with each Plus seat (up to $90 value per seat)

  • Node-based Amplify Shader Editor ($60 value).
  • Create behavior trees with Behavior Designer ($80 value).
  • Create AAA-quality environments with GAIA (a $77 value).
  • Powerful and advanced user-friendly editors with Odin ($55 value).
  • Next-level character physics with PuppetMaster ($90 value).
  • Bring your models to life with UMotion Pro ($60 value).

“Unity is great because it’s relatively inexpensive to get up and running, and the tools are extremely powerful.”

Ryan Payton, Founder of Camouflaj

Additional Unity Plus benefits include:

Unity Plus is available to use for individuals who have an annual revenue or have raised funds of $200k or less. Please see our terms of use. Professional teams and freelancers can choose Unity Pro, which has no revenue cap and provides advanced support and services.

Customize your splash screen

Customize or completely remove the splash screen.

Performance Reporting

Automatically capture errors across devices, platforms, and builds. Prioritize issues as they're reported in real time.

Pro Editor Skin UI

Develop your game within our beautiful, easy-on-the-eyes, dark UI environment.

Ads and In-App Purchases

Use the premier ad monetization solution for mobile games, and, simplify in-app purchase set-up across multiple stores.


The world’s leading content creation engine

Unity offers everything you need to build beautiful and engaging content, boost your productivity, and connect with your audience. Tools and resources include continuous engine updates, multiplatform support, and documentation, forums and tutorials.

Get the overview on the key features in Unity

Over 45,000 individuals trust Unity Plus to learn faster and create

“Unity gives people who have drive the tools to get it done.”

Carissa Isolano, Art Director at N-Fusion/Eidos Montreal

Need more?

Explore Unity Pro

Pro helps you iterate faster, ship sooner and succeed:

  • Get direct, prioritized support from real people
  • Reduce costs with integrated solutions for teams and multiplayer projects
  • Easily optimize gameplay for the best player experience
  • Continually improve your skills with included training
  • Save production time with premium Asset Store benefits

General FAQs

Is there a revenue cap for Plus customers?

Yes, an annual revenue capacity or funds raised capacity of $200k per fiscal year exists for Plus customers.

Do I own the content I create with Plus?

Yes, you fully own the content you create with a Unity subscription, also if you stop subscribing to Unity.

How can I pay for Unity Plus?

You can prepay for a 1 year Plus subscription upfront or with monthly payments. A prepaid Unity Plus plan costs $299, and includes extra benefits: 12 months access to Unity Game Dev Courses, 25GB of cloud storage for your projects, and 1 free asset per seat from available assets.


If you pay in monthly installments, the cost is $35 per month, and includes a 1 year commitment period.

Can I cancel my subscription before the end of my commitment period?

No. Once you commit to a subscription you are obligated to pay all monthly payments owing.

I’m already a Unity Plus subscriber, can I get these benefits?

If you have an active Unity Plus seat that was purchased prior to September 18, 2018, you automatically already have access to the following benefits: Unity Success Advisor, 20% off Asset Store benefit, and Expert Live Sessions. In order to access the following benefits you can activate “1 year, prepaid Immediate Renewal” in your Unity ID: Choose three assets free per seat (special offer of three instead of one as a thank you for being a loyal customer), 25GB cloud storage, and Unity Game Dev Courses.

You can add a new 1 year, prepaid Unity Plus seat anytime to your existing Plus org, and the new seat will automatically get all benefits.

Does Unity take royalties?

No, Unity is royalty free. We don't charge on a per title basis or require a revenue share model.

I purchased my seats offline with a Unity representative. Are these benefits available to my organization?

Most benefits are only accessible with online subscriptions. If you purchased your seats offline please contact your Unity representative with any questions.

What happens if I upgrade to a higher tier during my commitment period?

If you upgrade during a commitment period, you will have to commit for a new period of at least 12 months. For example, if you choose to upgrade to Unity Pro 6 months into a 12 month subscription to Plus, you will have to start a new 12 month commitment period for Pro. The prior commitment period for Plus will be removed.

Will my subscription automatically renew?

For both Plus plans (12 months, paid monthly and one year, prepaid), when your commitment period ends your plan will automatically convert to a flexible month-to-month subscription. The key things to note about the flex option:


  • You pay month-to-month and can cancel your subscription at any time. However, cancellation will take effect from the following month.
  • You can add and remove seats on a flex plan without having to start a new commitment period. If you cancel your flex plan, you cannot re-start it: you will have to commit to another 12 months of Plus to get the flex option again.
  • The rates for the flexible plan are the same as the 12 month commitment: $35/month
  • If you do not wish to continue on a flex plan, you can choose expire your subscription after its commitment period. If you choose to expire your plan, your version of Unity will switch to Personal.
I have other questions about Unity, where can I find more info?

Continuous Learning benefits FAQs

How do I access the Expert Live Sessions?

Expert Live Sessions are exclusive to Unity subscribers. Join the private channel Unity Pro and Plus Creators on Connect for the latest info. You’ll get exclusive invitations via email and you can also check the schedule online.

How do I get access to the Unity Game Dev courses included in a 1 year, prepaid Plus subscription?

Your receipt email will include instructions on how to redeem Unity Game Dev Courses. You must follow the redemption instructions within 30 days of the email.

How do I access the Unity Game Dev Courses?
  1. After purchasing a 1 year, prepaid plan of Unity Plus, go to Unity ID “Manage Seats” section and assign the Unity Plus seat to the correct user. (Whomever you assign the Unity Plus seat to is the user who will get access to Unity Game Dev Courses: Swords and Shovels.)
  2. The assigned user will get a confirmation email from Unity (be sure to check spam folders).
  3. From the email, click the link to go to our partner Pluralsight’s website.
  4. Create a profile on Pluralsight.
  5. The user can now access the courses on the Pluralsight website.
  6. We recommend bookmarking the Pluralsight courses page for direct, easy access.
I’m already a Unity Game Dev Courses subscriber. How do I take advantage of this benefit included with Plus?

You can cancel your existing Unity Game Dev Courses subscription at any time and then purchase a 1 year, prepaid Unity Plus plan to take advantage of this benefit. Note that if you cancel your existing Unity Game Dev Courses subscription before your current month is expired, you will not get refunded for the portion of the month you already paid for.

How many tracks are included in the Unity Game Dev Courses subscription?

All learning tracks are included. Currently there is a Fundamentals, Art, Programming, and Design track.

How long does it take to complete the Unity Game Dev Courses tracks?

The Fundamentals Track focuses on core skills, providing 19 hours of video tutorials. For a motivated learner, you can estimate that for every hour of video tutorial content it will take two hours to complete the tutorials and work that goes along with them. The Art, Programming, and Design Tracks, bring the total to over 85 hours of video tutorial content!

When does my free subscription to Unity Game Dev Courses end?

Your free access to the content will end when your initial Unity Plus subscription ends.

Success Advisors and Cloud-based Features FAQs

How do I get in touch with a Unity Success Advisor?

You will receive an email from one of our Success Advisors after purchasing Unity Pro, and the email includes details on how to get in touch with a Success Advisor. If you're opted out of emails, you can opt-in here.

I want to use Unity Plus to make a multiplayer project. Does Unity Plus support multiplayer projects?

Yes, you get access to networking code and APIs. You will be able to purchase game server hosting at an additional cost, to be released at a future date. Or, you can upgrade to Unity Pro, which includes a Game Server Hosting benefit.

How do I access my 25GB free cloud storage that comes with a 1 year, prepaid subscription?

Organizations that qualify for this benefit will automatically have the extra storage available - you don’t need to do anything to activate it.

Does every Unity Plus seat get 25GB cloud storage?

No. Every Unity Plus Organization under 1 year, prepaid plans gets the 25GB storage which can be used by the team members in the org.

How can I check how much cloud storage I am using?

From, select your Organization, then, select “Service Usage” from the left-hand menu item.

How long do I get access to the storage benefit?

You get the benefit as long as you’re an eligible subscriber. If your Unity Subscription is canceled or terminated, your storage benefit is also forfeited.

Where can I find more information about Unity services?

Continuous Savings benefits FAQs

How do I use the 20% off Asset Store subscriber benefit?

After purchasing your Unity subscription, assign the seat to the desired user. The user with an assigned active seat can go to the Unity Asset Store and log in using the same Unity account associated with the seat subscription. Filter for qualifying assets by clicking the “Plus/Pro” button. You will see the discounted prices on qualifying assets and the discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

How long do I get the 20% off Asset Store subscriber benefit for?

You will have access to the benefit until March 1, 2019. The offer is only valid only with an active Unity subscription. If the subscription ends or is cancelled, the Asset Store subscriber benefit will also end.

What happens when there is a sale on the Asset Store?

The benefit will not stack with any other sales or promotions. During a sale you will receive the higher percentage discount on an asset, not the combined percentage.

How do I select and redeem the limited time free asset promo included with a 1 year, prepaid Plus subscription?

After purchasing a 1 year, prepaid Unity Plus subscription, assign the seat to end user by going to the Unity ID “Manage Seats” section. Within 30 days of purchase, the end user must select their free asset in their Unity ID and redeem the asset voucher code sent via email. Or, the Organization Owner can also select the asset. To redeem the code, login to your Unity Asset Store account. Click on your Asset Store profile icon in the top right corner, then click on Redeem Voucher. Follow the instructions on screen. Click on the “My Assets” folder icon in the top right to view your assets. From there you can open your assets in Unity.


Note: If you add one or more 1 year, prepaid Plus seats to an existing 1 year, prepaid Plus Organization, you will receive an email within 1 week of purchase that will allow you to select and redeem your free asset.

Do the voucher codes expire?

Yes, you must redeem the voucher codes and download the assets within 30 days of purchase.

After my commitment period is up, if I don’t renew my subscription will I still have access to the free assets?


Can I give my assets to a friend or co-worker?

Yes, you may gift a voucher to a friend or co-worker before you redeem it. Once an asset voucher has been redeemed it cannot be reused and you will be unable to transfer the asset to anyone.

Can I return the assets if I don’t like them?

Unfortunately, there are no returns. If you have an issue with the assets, you need to contact the publisher directly for support.

If I already own an asset can I substitute it for a different asset?

Unfortunately, there are no substitutions available.

What happens if the asset publisher updates the asset(s) after I purchase, and the update is not free?

If the asset publisher updates their asset(s) and you would like to own the most updated version, you will need to purchase the upgrade on the Asset Store.

How many copies of the free assets are included with my order?

For each new 1 year, prepaid Plus seat purchased, you get to choose one (1) of the advertised six available assets for free. If you already have an active Unity Plus seat that is on a monthly plan, you can activate “1 year prepaid Immediate Renewal” in your Unity ID and get a special customer appreciation thank-you offer of selecting three (3) assets free.

I already purchased one or more of the assets and am a Unity subscriber. Can I get a refund on my already purchased asset(s)?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds on assets in this situation.

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