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For professionals who need complete flexibility and crave advanced customization.

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5-star terrain & scene

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Unity’s fully featured plan, includes...

Custom splash screen

Use our animation tools to create your own splash screen, or remove it entirely.

Frequent updates

Monthly and quarterly releases that maintain a focus on quality and stability.

Pro services

Host more players with Multiplayer, and get deeper insights with raw Analytics data in real time.

Other Pro features include:

  • Unity Ads & In-App Purchases
  • Pro Editor Skin UI
  • Flexible Seat Management
  • Performance Reporting
  • Analytics: 50GB/mo Raw Data Export
  • No limit on revenue or funding
  • Multiplayer: 200 Concurrent Users. Need more? Click here.

Build once, deploy anywhere

Industry leading multiplatform support

In a fast-changing platform landscape, Unity’s unique multiplatform coverage will help you reach a broader audience when it’s time to deploy your game. Deploy your game quickly to all supported platforms for free, with guaranteed access to all upcoming Unity build options.

Windows Store Apps
Linux/Steam OS
PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita
Xbox One
Nintendo 3DS
Oculus Rift
Google Cardboard
Steam VR
Playstation VR
Gear VR
Microsoft Hololens
Android TV
Samsung SMART TV
Nintendo Switch
Fire OS
Facebook Gameroom
Apple ARKit
Google ARCore

Improve your game dramatically with Performance Reporting

Don’t ever miss a bug, error, or high priority issue again! Unity Performance Reporting automatically collects application errors across all devices and platforms, so you can find the problem in real time and address it quickly to improve your game play.

Collect Errors

Consolidate errors across platforms, devices, and builds.

React in real-time

Automatically collect and view errors as they are generated by app users.

Address quickly

Find high priority issues; drill down and begin debugging immediately.

Join the growing VR/AR Revolution

Oculus Rift
Google Cardboard
Steam VR
Playstation VR
Gear VR
Microsoft Hololens

Taking your game development to the next level also means staying on the cutting edge of platform technology. Unity is the most widely used VR / AR development platform in the world. Unity Plus supports Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Playstation VR, Microsoft HoloLens and Steam VR/Vive.

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Take the next step in your game development with Unity Pro.

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It was obvious that the combination of ease-of-use for the whole team and easy cross-platform production was a winner.

Peter Pashley

Games lead developer, ustwo

The greatest part of Unity is its workflow, and how easily you can create, edit, and integrate data and code...everything is child’s play.

Mathieu Girard

CEO, Amplitude Studios

Unity's flexibility provided us a robust and powerful framework/engine to build upon.

Mariina Hallikainen

CEO, Colossal Order

Thousands of happy customers, including...

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Does Unity take royalties?

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